Diane Castle Babcock

Linoleum Block Prints

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Diane Castle Babcock

Linoleum Block Prints

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     Diane Castle Babcock lives in upstate NY. She is a graduate of Nazareth  College and SUNY at Binghamton.

     Diane has been practicing the art of linoleum block printing for more than twenty years. The process she uses is called the reduction method, because she continually cuts away from one block to create a  multiple color image.                           

       Diane states, "My work is inspired by my love of nature. I admire the work of the Impressionists, and I try to capture the essence of atmosphere and light in my work. I use small dots of color to create optical color mixing effects. Contrary to popular belief, linoleum printing lends itself to finely detailed cutting. I also love this medium because of its rich color. Although the reduction process differs from Japanese woodblock printing, I use Japanese tools, papers, and printing techniques. I believe one can see the influence of the Japanese prints in my work."

     Diane has received numerous awards for her work. She currently works as a professional artist as well as a teacher. To contact Diane by e-mail,click here


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Show Schedule

Speculator Craft Fair
August 14
Speculator, NY
Clinton Festival of the Arts
August 23
Clinton, NY
Colorscape Chenango
September 6 & 7
Norwich, NY